How To Deposit Money in IQ Option Account (Detailed Guide)


IQ Option Deposit India

Learn how to deposit money in IQ Option india. IQ Option is the best Binary Options Broker with custom built trading platform with over 70 assets to trade and available in more than 120 countries which makes IQ Option best Binary Options Broker.

iq option deposit india

Haven’t opened an IQ Option account yet  Check out how to open & verify IQ Option account from India.

Deposit Options:

  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Webmoney (Russian)

Credit/Debit Cards:

The easiest and most convenient way of depositing money into IQ Option is using your Credit/Debit Card with no

  • No Hidden Charges
  • Instant Transfer
  • No Intermediate Payment Services

As per the guidelines of the RBI, we cannot make cross currency transactions. Most of the debit cards doesn’t even work on international websites like PayPal, Google Wallet, Amazon USA, Skrill, Neteller etc…

Don’t worry we have cracked the code. Now we are able to deposit INR into our IQ Option Account our team have tested various ways and found the best way to deposit Indian rupees in our IQ Option.

Don’t believe us? What if we show you the proof of deposit and withdrawal?


iq option deposit india proof

This tutorial helps you to Deposit and also Withdraw from IQ Option without any other hassle.

Are you Ready?

Before we start the tutorial your need to get some things

  • Credit/Debit Card (International usage activated)
  • Bitcoin Wallet (Alternative)
  • Entropay Account

We advise you to have an International debit card because these days you can get it easily from your Bank or you can use other person’s debit card.
Let’s Start

Step 1:

  • It’s time to open up Skrill account and top up your Skrill account.
  • Select “non-gambling” when uploading money to your Skrill account.

Check out this guide to know How to open & verify Skrill account from India

Step 2:

Note: This step is for those whose card doesn’t work on Skrill
  • Goto Entropay
  • Sign up and click on get your card.
  • Top-up your card with more than $5 than your desired amount.
  • Entropay has VBV and Mastercard 3DSecurecode which is used by most Indian merchants.
  • Enter your International usage enabled Credit/Debit card details and click confirm details.
  • You will be redirected to 3dsecure or VBV page, complete the transaction.
  • Your Entropay VCC will be top upped and you can see the amount.

entropay account creation    entropay otp


Step 3:

  • Now open your IQ Option account.
  • Select the amount you want to deposit and choose Skrill as a Payment option.
  • You will be redirected to Skrill payment gateway.
  • Click on the Pay button to complete the transaction.

Hurray..!! You have to your IQ Option account loaded and ready to start trading and earn huge.


  1. Which currency do I have to choose in that section which says,”I would like to open my account” there is no INR so should I choose dollar?

  2. Sir entropay ka use kiye bina skril me paise deposits ho jyenge kya mere pass axix bank ka platinum chip wla card h Usse ho jyega kya ,

  3. Hello Sir I am Indian then which currency should I choose INR OR USD?
    Becuse iq option give the facilty on USD
    Plese sir suggest me
    I am very confuse

      • Thanku so much sir
        How can I contact you sir ?
        I am new in trading
        And I have lots of questions in my mind
        I seen lots of video on intrnet about trading and I am very confuse
        So how can I contact you sir when I am facing problem
        Because in our surrounding there are no some people to guide me
        Plese sir gude me

  4. if i got an international usage card then i could directly deposit to skrill or netteller.
    i like to have solution for a card not have an international usage.

    • You can withdraw only the amount deposited from your card, other amount can’t be withdrawn to card so you need to use Skrill or Neteller to withdraw.

  5. TranceBlogger Team :

    I have opened my IQ Option account, And i want to deposit money to my IQ Option account. I am basically from INDIA, I have HDFC Platinum Debit Card which are enabled on Domestic and International purpose. I did some other online International Transactions earlier. I am getting error msg while doing transaction in IQ Options through my HDFC Platinum Debit Card. I did it 3 times but failed every time.
    please help me out.

    Shayaan Moiz
    Email ID: [email protected]

  6. Hey
    Please help me.
    Do I need to verify my account before depositing?
    Everytime I deposit USD with my card.
    The app shows “deposit declined”.
    Can you please help me?

  7. Hi blogger im new to iq option. I have open an iq option account but dont dont have a paasport nor driving licence and im from india . Can any other document i can upload . Please tell me .🤔😁😁😁

  8. What are charges of skrill ???…Because im using Netller For the transactions But i Feel It is costly. That is why I want to know the Charges so that i could be Shifting to Netller

  9. Hi, i have deposited money with my credit card and borrowed some bitcoin. When i try to send bitcoin to my wallet, they told i need to deposit money from credit card with 3d secured password.

    “It is important that the company limits a Bitcoin withdrawal to the amount of the deposit made from the card through a 3D-Secure password. ”

    Is it possible to send with 3DS in Indian credit carda?

  10. I have activated my visa debit card from the bank for an international transaction. my bank is syndicate bank and I want to deposit amount in iq option but my transaction through skrill and netller always declined. what to do????
    plzzz reply
    mail id- [email protected]

  11. मुझे अगर skrill में money deposit करवानी है तो मुझे किस Bank के ATM का Use करना होगा

  12. मुझे अगर skrill में money deposit करवानी है तो मुझे किस Bank के ATM का Use करना होगा और क्या yes Bank और Brodra bank क्या international bank है क्या में इनमे भी अपना account खुलवा सकता हु

  13. If I deposit money (in rupees) in neteller.then transfer money (in doller) to iq option by neteller directly. Is it possible?

    Money transfer cost by skrill or neteller is same in iq option?

  14. Some of the banks declines the transaction of income from skrill/ netteler due to RBI policy so kindly suggest me a proper bank to transfer my money to India via bank in a legal way

    • Skrill is now transferring money via IFSC. So all banking activity is totally legal and can’t be declined by any banks.


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