• Hello Sahil
      As of now we are still testing out different strategies to see which one has more probability of winning.
      There are two methods our team is testing out Martingale System & Robin hood System

      Once we are up with the perfect strategy we will let you know.


  1. hi
    I have recently opened a demo account and now after practicing for many days i decided to deposit money , but faied , i dont have international debit card , but i have an sbi debit card that does not work to upload in e-wallets like skrill , i have tried it already, please help , how to deposit funds in iq option.

  2. Hi Mani…
    I just log in a demo account in iq option… Then i deposited 100$ in my real account.. and i loose all my money… Could you suggest me some strategy to recover my lose please…..

    • Hello Geetika

      Our team is still testing out different indicators and strategies to get high accuracy rate. We will post a detailed article when we hit the best accuracy rate with our strategy. Stay tuned.

      Thank you.

    • Hi, you might be in hurry for earning money. Trade only when only there is a trend. Not when you have time to trade. If you lose continuesly two trades. Take a break and wait for the right trend.
      I have a strategy. But I only have problems with discipline and emotions in trade.

    • Hi Geetika
      I just wanted to know that which bank card u used…
      Did u paid via skrill or direct in iqoption website..

      And by ur name I think I know you…
      Were you employed with axis, hdfc and yes bank….?

  3. IQOption is considered as Fraud in abroad forums and more users compaining on the same issues of silly responses from customer service.
    How much u assure thier trustworthy?
    Please insist me completely. because there are more negative feedbacks.

    • IQ Option is not supported in some countries so users tend to write on different forums and consumer complaint boards that it is scam and blah blah blah….
      I have been using IQ Option since more than a year and don’t have any problem with them.
      It’s 100% legit and one of the best brokers out there.

      • I see some Automated ROBOT handling binary options..do you suggest them? if yes which would be better, as we cannot trade without any knowledge and experience
        i got an invite from an account manager in topoptions24.com
        is this legit or scam u think? Please suggest.

        • Binary Trading using robots is a huge risk. At TranceBlogger we do not suggest any kind of automation tools because of high volatility and many no. of market makers, we cannot rely on any kind of robots.

  4. Sir, my friend said as they(iq option) manipulate the parice and do frauds this is totally a fraud company . So what you think about this claim

    • No , it’s not true they don’t manipulate any prices. IQ Option is 100% legit and I use it in person.

  5. Is it easy to withdraw money from Skrill account to our indian bank account Or we have to go through another process??

  6. Hi Mani,
    If I deposit 10 dollar from Skrill account and want to withdraw much higher amount (obviously after profit) will it be possible? Further, do you and your team has came up with some technique to trade in iq option? Thanks.

  7. Hi Mani
    Plz let me know that which bank card and account you are using for withdrawals and deposit..
    And under what heads you show your income while filing IT returns in India?
    Is it capital gains or income from other sources?

  8. Can one earn lots of money said if he played well in IQ-Option? Does anyone heard or earned 6/7 figure already in this option binary? it will be quite interesting to know for the new player. Please reply…

  9. Hai dear,
    I am sharuq khan from India, I will tell you my issue,
    First time I withdraw 10$ through my debit card but another time I tried the same but not happening, it is asking to choose other options. Please help me out.

  10. Can I use Webmoney to deposit and withdraw money from iqoption?
    Because Webmoney users are provided with ATM cards for their easy withdrawals.

  11. Sir I have Demo account and I have to deposit money but I do not have international card is there any other to deposit and minimum deposit is what to pay in account please tell me sir

  12. Hiii,

    my iq option account gets blocked. i already sent the documents to them.
    the one thing i noticed that the support team is not responding to my mails.
    i used my brothers card to deposite money into my account.
    whats should i do to unblocked it.

  13. I have SBI international debit card but why I can’t able to deposit money directly to IQ option . I need help for direct deposit to IQ OPTION from my international deposit card

    • Some debit cards even though said International doesn’t work on international websites like iqoption.com. So try to upload in skrill and use it on iqoption..

  14. I do not have electricity bill and telephone bill bank statement is just national I have card. How do I verify the IQ option?
    Please tell me

    • There’s no issue with which ever currency your skrill .either USD or INR no problem just make the payment using skrill from iq option.

  15. Dear sir,
    Due to FEMA act 1999 forex trading in india is illegal and this is a crime.
    Please suggest me to how to trade iq option forex trading.
    Is it legal?

  16. I have SBI visa card and it is in INR so if I select USD currency in skrill account then Is the INR automatically convert to USD on skrill account?

    • The verification process takes 24 – 48 working hours which doesn’t include Sundays and Saturdays. If you feel it has taken too long ask your account manager for faster verification.


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