How To Withdraw Money from IQ Option [EASY GUIDE]


IQ Option is the best and reliable broker in the industry. Depositing & withdrawing from IQ Option is a bit difficult for some users and in some countries due to the rules and restrictions of their Foreign Exchange department.

Here is the best possible way withdraw money from IQ Option

There arise many questions when withdrawing from IQ Option. Here is the best way we found out with low fees and fast withdrawal process.

IQ Option Withdrawal Options

  • Bank Transfer
  • Card Transfer
  • E-wallet Withdrawal
Before you know about the withdrawal you need to know that If you deposit $200 from your debit/credit card and earn $1000. You can only withdrawal $200 back to your card and the remaining amount via other withdrawal option.

Check out the image below to know more.

Many people face problem while withdrawing from IQ Option the is the best solution.

One Easy Step:

  • Open a Skrill account from here
  • Verify your Skrill account. (Check Skrill Verification Guide)
  • Now Open IQ Option and make a withdrawal request. It may take 3-5 days to appear in Skrill.
  • If you are have an SBI account you will receive your funds instantly.

IQ Option Withdrawal Proof:

iq option withdrawal proof

Skrill Proof:

skrill withdrawal proof

Hurray, you have withdrawn your money from your IQ Option account. 

If you are facing any problem with withdrawal process feel free to contact us or know us from the comments below. Share it and help others.


  1. I have a skrill account . when i try to withdraw money from skrill , its shows “Your withdrawl is successful” and after 2-3 days my whole i tried to withdraw are refunded in skrill . Whats the matter ? Does it can be solved ?

    • Please check you bank details. There might be some information incorrect.

      Remove and re-add your bank details and IFSC code

    • I’ve withdrawn amount worth 10000/- from IQ option since 3 days back. Yet the amount has not been transferred to my SBI account? What’s wrong how long it will take?

      • Skrill is now instantly transferring money using IMPS. If you think its had taken so long, contact your Bank & Skrill customer care for more details about the transaction and also make sure that the details entered in Skrill were correct.

  2. how to withdraw from skril you have not told?
    when we withdraw from skrill bank shall ask how you got this money what should we say?

  3. I tried to withdraw the profit but it says request cancelled and also i got an email to send my documents which includes the front and back of my debit card.
    1. Is it safe to send a copy of my debit card?
    2. Will i be able to withdraw the profits once documents are verified
    3. How long does it takes to verify documents
    4. How soon can i withdraw once verification is done

    • Before sending your debit card cover the CVV and starting 12 digits or the card number.

      You can’t be able to withdraw profits to debit card, use Skrill.
      After submitting your documents you it usually takes 24-48 hours. Once verification is done you can put a withdrawal request instantly and you recieve it in 24-48 hours.

  4. Skrill Says 3.99% fees for currency conversion
    if i withdraw money from iq option say 500 USD
    1.Does USD is converted to INR?
    2.If so will i getting INR equivalent 500 USD or less(3.99% fee)?

  5. Hi,
    I have withdrawn my money from IQ options to neteller. My neteller account is in INR. How should I withdraw it to ICICI bank. For swift code and IBAN code ICICI bank asks the cuurency in which the money would come.

  6. Hi ,
    I did a withdrawal request of 220 dollars in sbi credit card (Through which i made the deposit), how long will it take for refund .
    Withdrawal request in iq shows “fund has been transferred to e-wallet , but i don’t have any e-wallet account “.

    Please help me , I am a bit tensed.

    Thank You

  7. If my neteller account currency is set as INR, during withdrawl to bank whether the money will reach to bank in INR or in some other currency, if not in INR how can we get in inr

    • After placing a withdrawal, while reaching your bank account the amount in converted into your bank account currency.

  8. it’s means that the profit we made in iq options will be withdrawn to skrill and the skrill app will charge fee for depositing it in the bank?


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