Complete Guide to Open & Verify Skrill Account from India


Skrill India has been the oldest payment service established in 2011 and owned by the PaySafe group. If you are starting an online business and wand need to send & receive payments from overseas, Skrill is the best alternative to Paypal.

skrill india

Paypal has many regulations especially for INDIAN PAYPAL users, after 2011 as of RBI regulations we cannot store money in our Paypal account we can only withdraw money to your bank account. You can’t even purchase or pay for any goods and services using your Paypal balance.

Indian Paypal users cannot send payments to Indian Paypal accounts. But you have an option to send to anyone around the world.

Benefits of Skrill Account:

  • You can easily receive payments from overseas and domestic companies.
  • You can use your International Debit Card to make payments. This helps users who don’t have Credit Cards
  • You can request payments from users using by their E-mail address.
  • You can send money to any person from any country who has a Skrill account.
  • Low deposit and withdrawal charges than Neteller.

Steps to Create Your Skrill Account

  • Go to ” Skrill ” and fill out the details to create your Skrill Account.
  • You will have an option to select Country and Currency. Select your country where you live and have a valid “Identity Document” of that country.
  • Note: You cannot change your currency once your wallet has been created.
  • On the next page, “Enter your street address which is on you ID or Bank statement for verification“.
  • The final step for account opening is to add your phone number.

Verifying your Skrill Account:

  • First of all, you need to verify your E-mail ID.
  • Deposit a minimum amount into your Skrill.
  • To remove the Upload/Withdrawal limits for your Skrill account add your Bank account and Debit Card.
  • Go to “Cards & Bank Account” section Firstly add your bank account.( Leave the sort code empty, if asked).

skrill account

  • Now you need to link your Debit card some debit cards don’t work on Skrill follow this guide to know which card works.

skrill cards

skrill add credit card

  • Alternatively, you can verify your account with Virtual Credit Cards.
  • Once you have linked your bank account and debit card you are asked to submit National ID proof for verification
  • On next process, you need to verify your location. You can submit Utility Bill or Bank/Credit Statement
  • The last step is to Verify your Skrill Account by uploading a selfie.
  • Example below (Make sure your face is visible and Don’t cover any information on
    your ID with your fingers)
    skrill id verification
  • For Indian users upload your PAN CARD and Bank Statement for verification.( Verification may take 24-48 hours) or less.

After all the verification is done. Your account should look like the image below.

skrill verified

Verifying debit/credit card using VCC

  • Go to Entropay
  • Sign up and click on get your card.
  • Top-up your card with more than $5 than your desired amount.
  • Entropay has Verified by Visa which is used by most Indian merchants.
  • Enter your International usage enabled Credit/Debit card details and click confirm details.
  • You will be redirected to Verified by Visa page, complete the transaction.
  • Your Entropay VCC will be top upped and you can see the amount.
  • Now add the VCC to your Skrill account and click on verify.

Boom..!! You have successfully created and verified your Skrill account.

Hope this guide helped you to know everything about creating and verifying Skrill account from India. If you have any query know us via the comments section.

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  1. Hi, i have registered in skrill and my next step is to finish the verification in that i have to enter either the verification code or the debited amount. What debited amount they are talking about and what code? Does this mean they will debit some amount in my entropay account with a verification code?

    • Yes they will debit some amount
      And there appears a 4 digit code in ur statement u just fill that codes in verify section that is enough

  2. I completed my verification in skrill account but i cannot add money from entropay it always say transaction decline may i know the reason?

      • I have 8usd in entropay and i want to transfer to skrill or add 6usd from entropay to skrill but it says transaction decline may i know why? I tried every possibility but no good.

  3. I have tried with my international global debit card but still it says transaction decline. I have enough balance but why it declines my transaction?

  4. Which Option Had to be selected in Neteller
    At the time of deposit
    Gambling Or Non-Gambling??
    Because i talk to Neteller
    they said u have to be selected Gambling for Iq option
    Which To be selected?? Any Idea??

    • I recommend you to use Skrill because they have very low transaction fees

      And when depositing you should select “non-gambling” for IQ Option.

  5. Hello, I am used expert options trading for that withdrawal of money I need skrill account. And I am Indian.
    I have all the documents. But I need information related to transaction charges.
    I mean if I am transfer $50 then what will be pay for this.

  6. i am from INDIA, I need to know whether we make a Bank transfer to Skrill account using Reference code from my indian savings account??

    • If you are uploading bank statement make sure it is not more than 6 months. And national ID may be your PAN, DL or Passport

  7. Dear sir,
    My i q option account has been block because I am unknown that national I’d filled and verification is most required in I q option .So please reopen my account .

  8. Sir,
    After verification of skrill account withdrawal limit increse upto
    9000 usd in 90 days.
    So you have any idea or having another mathod to increase this limit up 10000 usd in 30 days or in 1 day ..??

  9. I just opened my account on skrill on 2nd November. I had added my SBI bank account but when I am trying to deposit money, it’s not moving forward to next page and it’s automatically getting back to account overview page? Do I know why it’s happening? And when I am trying to add my IDBI rupay card ( BUT THIS CARD IS INTERNATIONAL DEBIT CARD WHICH ALSO has THE SERVICE FACILITY FROM ” DINERS CLUB INTERNATIONAL” WHICH IS ACCEPTED BY SKRILL) is not accepting. Please let me know. It’s very irritating that I am not able to upload my money in the account.

  10. I cant finish the card verification, they are asking for entering the transaction amount, but the amount they debited from my account is in INR but they are asking me to enter it in EUR. I tried to convert it into EUR but its not working. Please Help!!

  11. I have completed my verification including the 🆔 but if I want to withdraw ,it takes me to verify your card.
    I thought if you have verified your identity, you can withdraw as well upload with ease.

  12. How can I decrease skrill fee?
    My account currency is set to INR.
    Whenever I upload fund in skrill account it charges 1.9% skrill fee + 2.4% SBI bank currency conversion.
    And when I send fund in USD to anyone it charges 3.99% currency conversion fee.
    Please Suggest.

  13. TranceBlogger Team: I have opened my account in Skrill 6 days back. They asked me to verify these things I did it,
    1) Fund Your account : Verified
    2) Verify Your ID : Verified (Submitted Adhar Card).
    3) Verify Your Location: Still in review.
    4) Verify Account Ownership: Verified.

    On Friday 1st December I have submitted my lease/tenant agreement paper which is of 2 years old but still it is in active condition verified by Indian Government. But it got rejected on 3rd December by Skrill Team.
    Then today morning I have uploaded my bank statement where the address is different with respect to Adhar Card,Is it ok ? Bank Statement is my current address actually .

    And next thing I want to ask how much time it will take to verify the pending location verification ?. Actually once location verification got rejected from your side so I am little bit worried.
    Please help me out.

    Shayaan Moiz

  14. Sir i added my debit card. After that they asked me to debit and verify. I clicked on that. The amount has been debited from my account. For verification they are asking the amount debited. I calculated the amount deducted by converting it into euro as they were asking to write it in euro. It said incorrect everytime i clicked on submit. Now they said to try after 24h what do i do now.?

  15. I’m from India and need to verify my address . Can I use the screenshot of my latest bank statement which is in form of pdf . I receive my bank statement on my mail and don’t get any hard copy of my bank statement .so can I use it’s screenshot for verification ?

  16. I’m not able to verify my location on Skrill I had sent a count document but they again n again reject it and and my account is also locked and i have 5k INR in that What to do now

  17. I want to know if i will give bank statement as pdf then can verify my address??
    Please tell me which is best to give bank statement in pdf or image.

  18. Hi I opened new skrill account and added hdfc debit card .After that when I try to pay the money through debit payment was not successful.will you please tell the problem

  19. hi i deposited 350rs into my skrill account.. when i am trying to add money in bet365 by using skrill it showing no balance in your skrill wallet but the available balance is 350.. May i know the reason.

    • You might have selected “non-gambling” while uploading money to Skrill. So it doesn’t work on gambling sites.

  20. one more thing is i clicked a verify button in debit card verfication process they charged 176.91rs .. it is showing finish verification..

    • Check your statement, there is a code on the transaction. Enter the code to verify the card and increase limits.

  21. Hi, i am looking to transfer 6500 rupees skrill to my Indian bank anyone can suggest me that how much money I will receive after all deductions and if you are able to provide charges in break up I will thankfully.

  22. Hi, I verified skrill account by credit card, the verification money deducted from my credit card, I want to know that when skrill transfer money to my bank account, where the money will come, in my credit card or in my bank account,

  23. I linked my ICICI debit card. But the description of transaction does not shoe me code propery. Or am I not able to understand the same. I believe it should be in format : XXXXCODE, where XXXX is your code. But My statement doesn’t show code in this format. What do I do?

  24. Which type of bank statements I have to submit for the skrill account verification… Is that the first page of my pass book… With the account no..

    • You should upload your bank statement where there is every details of you on that statement. Bank statement is not passbook its the list of past transactions. Check with your internet banking all banks provide the statements.

    • I am a student 18+ only I don’t have other options to verify address I have aadhar card and Pan ,but I can’t verify address what to do

    • You must upload your bank statement not your passbook front page. Bank statement is a list of all the past transactions where there is every detail of you.

  25. sir i had uploaded the bank statement that i downloaded from online banking but srill says that they donot accept digitally printed bank statement! is that true and if yes then please also tell me hwere can i get the official bank statement cuz when i go to bank they told me that bank statement is the one that is printed on my passbook

  26. I have a query about verifying vcc,that as you said
    “”add the VCC to your Skrill account and click on verify.”
    “Boom..!! You have successfully created and verified your Skrill account””
    Will it be verified automatically or we will receive code in our entropay account?which the code we have to use to verify vcc in skrill??

  27. Hello sir,
    Does HDFC Bank Easy Shop international debit card work on skrill nowdays?
    I have this card and used to work earlier but recently skrill is giving the following error:
    “Your transaction was declined. Contact your card issuer to confirm you have sufficient limits and balance and try again. If problem persists, please contact us.”
    If it does not work then will i need to upgrade to HDFC Bank Platinum Chip debit card? Please can you confirm whether the HDFC Bank platinum chip debit card works on skrill currently? Thank you

    • Try disabling and re-enabling international usage on your debit card, if you cant figure out the problem upgrade your card to Platinum Chip Debit Card.

  28. Hello sir,
    does HDFC Bank Easy Shop International debit card work on skrill nowdays? This is because i am getting an error on skrill that the card issuer has blocked the card. And after checking with HDFC Bank customer support, they said that the risk dept of HDFC Bank has blocked transactions on skrill for customer safety. Is there any other method to upload funds to skrill using HDFC Bank card? Else, are you aware of any other bank debit card (such as icici bank or SBI) that is still working on skrill? Please advise. Thank you.

  29. When I am creating Skrill account. it was always telling that their is some changes in ur account details.but I submitted all correct details about me.please help me sir.

  30. sir iwas left only location verify step my bank statement have a no all my information ….can i use edited bank statment…

    • No. You must not submit edited documents.. Skrill may block your account. Try using different documents to verify your location.

  31. Sir,
    My account is fully verified but when i try to withdraw my funds its showing withdrawal failed ,,plz help me
    withdrawal before verification was done within seconds.
    but when i try to withdraw it shows this feature currently unavailable in android app and shows failed in website
    please help me

  32. sir,
    I have done with my account verification but location section still showing in-review status.
    may I know the reason please.

  33. i have received money in skrill as total balance…but it’s nt available in available balance so i cannot withdraw my money…so what i have to do




    • If your account is verified you can change it from your profile. If unverified, you need to first verify and later have access to change it.

  36. i have an verified account it shows no limit but when i deposit with card it shows maximum limit 405 after some transactions.

    • These are the upload limits which were imposed by Skrill to stop misuse if the platform, not account limits. You can make any no. of transactions without limits.

  37. Do they ask for a physical address or something? And I read somewhere that they do ask and in fact also send a verification code kind of thing which is used for completing the verification process. Help me out please.

  38. Thank you for reply and one more question is that does Skrill accept SBI bank statement for verification as it is not contain SBI logo and printed by black ink on a white paper and one letter of address and one letter of name is disturbed by the ink flow on the time of printing

  39. sir can u suggest which bank is best to withdraw skrill amount with lower fx rate on bank side , icici or sbior any other best bank, also i heared that skrill transfer quickly using IMPS to our bank is it true

    • Early 2018, Skrill started sending via IMPS and NEFT so there’s no problem of FX fees. You can withdraw to any bank without any worry about FX fees.

  40. Sir I want to know that there is any legal complications while withdraw money from skrill account to an indian bank account same during deposit from an indian bank account. If any please please answer and suggest the right way to withdraw or deposit without worry.

    • There will be no legal issues if you use Skrill. Its a platform for sending and receiving money its like an international wallet, so like we have different wallets in India.

  41. Forex trading is illegal in India. How can I use skrill to take out my money which is generated via profits of forex trading ? Will banks freeze my account? Is there any other way to solve this problem ?

    • No, banks doesn’t freeze any bank accounts regardless of where the money comes from. Its totally legal to withdraw money from Skrill to bank account.

  42. Really informative question is Should I select “gambling or non-gambling” for transferring the money to a forex broker for trading purposes ??

  43. sir i have problem of swift code. how to know about the swift code? presently i am withdraw money from a helper who help me in forex trading skrillindia .org i withdraw small amount with them and they help me on it. but i want to know about directly withdrawal from skrill. please help me so that if i have big amount to withdraw then i can withdraw it directly.

    • Regards less of how much you can withdraw there a limit on a withdrawal request put on the skill. You can withdraw any amount of money.

  44. Sir, am from India and i doubt whether it should disclose my PAN card to Skrill….
    What other documents can i use to verify ??

  45. Wrongly I add 0ne digit extra in my bank account number while money withdrawal from skrill to idbi bank
    Fee already deducted but y ac no is wrong so what happen next .again fee deduct to revert an
    Mount in skrill in my account .

  46. I mean again if money redeposit fee again charged by skrill and within how many days it redeposited in my skrill account


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